Joan Bennàssar in Tower of Canyamel

Joan Bennàssar in Tower of Canyamel

Art Exhibition 2020


Local artist Joan Bennàssar at Torre de Canyamel


At each one of the hotels of the ‘Torre de Canyamel Luxury Hotels Group’ we have a strong commitment to locally based artists and culture. We have always felt the need to use our magnificent spaces to not only welcome our guests, but also to collaborate in some way with our society.


For years we have been promoting art, specifically locally based artists in an attempt to honour our legacy and support culture on the island.


Even though the 2020 season wasn’t a normal season at all, we had the great honour to be able to wrap up our cultural program welcoming local artist Joan Bennàssar at Torre de Canyamel.


Joan Bennàssar's art is marked by a remarkable study of the Mediterranean roots, in which he investigates the society, sex and culture of the Balearic Islands as the backbone of the Mediterranean. This year he decided to go for a trilogy called ‘Razones Humanas’ (Human Reasons), an exciting way to address the essentially fragile nature of the future, highlighting the ties that bind humans with a common goal.


At the Calvari de Pollença he managed to raise its visitors to the heights inhabited by the tribulations and triumphs of the heart; in the Convent Church he decided to take attendants into the labyrinth of public affairs and law; and at Torre de Canyamel, the finishing touch for his impeccable work, he gave us "The Tower of the Muses Garden". It was a magical space caused by the poetic atmosphere, the walled garden where inspiring goddesses of the arts pamper the poet, possessed by the eternal truth in a woman's body, ephemeral by nature. Housing about fifty art pieces distributed in the different areas of the fortress, Joan Bennàssar described his exhibition like "the most playful part of the trilogy, it shows the feelings, the pleasure of living, of enjoying every second of life with the conviction that there is nothing else".


One of the most meaningful aspects of this exhibition for us was the fact that these pieces were created during lockdown, giving Joan the strength and time to create one of his most stunning exhibitions of all times. He’s currently writing a book about this trilogy and its creative process.


Without a doubt, being able to house this exhibition was the perfect way to end the 2020 art season at Torre de Canyamel and we are already looking forward to next year’s cultural program, which we will be sharing on our blog and social media. Stay tuned!