Lin Utzon at Torre de Canyamel

Lin Utzon at Torre de Canyamel

Local Art

Art has been, is and will always be one of the centrepieces of the Torre de Canyamel philosophy. We take great proud in hosting several exhibitions every year and we cannot miss this opportunity to talk about he magnificent work by Danish artist Lin Utzon which took over our unique space this season.  

‘COSMIC DANCE’ is the series Liz showcased at Torre de Canyamel and it is an impressive collection of what Liz has been doing over the past 20 years. To understand the meaning of ‘COSMIC DANCE’ it is important to discover a little bit more about the artist’s concept of art and continuous search for beauty.

Lin Utzon is fascinated by the mystery of the unknown forces that allow life to emerge. As a citizen of the world and sensitive to the energies that animate it, she absorbs the contrasted landscapes that surround her by representing their patterns and lines. From the beginning of her trajectory, Utzon re-interprets these forms once and again in a rigorous study that longs to capture the essence of existence. Her migration to and from Denmark, Australia, Japan and Mallorca, as well as her travels, especially Greenland, inform her practice. It was on arriving back in Mallorca that the interest to bring this lifetime work together, to give it shape, was formulated and thus materialised into the ‘COSMIC DANCE’ series.

In the ‘COSMIC DANCE’ series, Liz is able to apply her own vision of form, taking it to its minimum expression through the exclusive use of a black and white palette in an almost cellular way. By means of a restrained mastery of gesture, her lines reflect the dynamism and vitality of the movement of life. Utzon’s wide technical knowledge allows her to work with a variety of materials. The exhibition includes large-scale works in Chinese ink on paper, oil on canvas and painted ceramics.

After having exhibited ‘COSMIC DANCE’ partially in Europe since 2005, for the first time the complete series has been presented at Sa Torre de Canyamel this season.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deeper into the mind of this exceptional artist, who manages to capture the sense of mystery in nature, achieving a unique balance between refined monochromatic lines, an architectural sensibility and the movement of the natural world, the constant dance of transformation within life expressed in paint and clay.