Can Simoneta

This hotel is made up of two different buildings, which are 140 years old. Can Simoneta, which was the first home, was occupied by Reverend Antonio María Font dels Olors, ancestor of the current owners, in 1876. Later, the attached houses were built, Can Nofre, to be the home of the peasants in charge of the land. In 2005, after thorough alterations, it was opened to be what it is now: a unique 5 star hotel.


It is owned by The Morel Oliver family and it holds the only thermal water site on the Balearic Islands. They have been known since old Roman times and have so been used for medical and healing reasons. In 1845, the thermal medical station was built and opened and it still remains exactly the same these days. It was bought in 1916 by Don Cosme María Oliver and it still belongs to his family. After 80 years and a good number of reconstructions and alterations, theTorre de Canyamel company was requested to take hold of it and be in charge of modernizing it and turning it into a splendid 5 star spa hotel, as well as running the whole business.

Convent de la Missió

The old Convent de la Missio, built during the seventeenth century for the purpose of educating missionaries, stands surrounded by small streets and courtyards with gardens in Palma’s old town centre. Today, having undergone careful renovation, it has become an exclusive hotel where elegance blends with serenity, resulting in a unique space, full of beauty and immersed in art, distinguished for its tranquility and harmony.